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    Release date
    December 2010
"--this is a refreshing album, pretty strong stuff, bohemian, indifferent cool ......"
Aaron Milenski • The Acid Archives

"-- tense and catchy.".........
Jason Gross • The Village Voice

"--stark and stunning "…"Cenci and Harris were a devastating rhythm section, kicking the crap out of these songs while Chmielinski turned in some nice lead guitar throughout the set"..........
• Bad Cat Records.

"--this sounds exactly like Dylan should have sounded in 1981, but unfortunately never did"......
• Marcel Koopman's Rare Records, The Netherlands

--"Randy Would sounds like he"s spent at least ten years hanging out in the wrong streets of Manhattan (pre-gentrification)and picked up old fragments of Lou Reed"s and Bob Dylan's souls that were left in the gutter"......"cool record with wide appeal".
-Renaissance Fair-Rare Psychedelic Auctions



“On The Lam” is the new COLD.HARD EP recording, featuring 15 original tracks. Marc Chmielinski (vocal, guitar), Doug Harris (Vocals, bass).
Available onCOLD.HARD. EP.

6P DGP+1Tray+1Pocket [Converted]


from the new Cold.Hard. EP

R Would (vocal, guitar), D Harris (Harmony Vocal, Bass), A Piesczoch (Acoustoc Guitar), R Cenci (Drums)